Vacuum Coating-Glass Screen Protector
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★ SGS Certification
★ Taiwan Patent No. M565123

Setting the blue light reduction rate to 30%, the new technology will neither darken the screen nor affect the transmittance of red and green light waves.

■ Anti blue light coating (AB)
New Application of Coating Technologies- Anti Blue Light Coating on Glass Screen Protectors-Effective&Long-lasting
KING TECH, a professional PVD coating equipment manufacturer, applies the advanced vaccum coating technologies of mobile phones to glass screen protectors.
● Making good use of R&D knowledge of optical and electric level to analyze the spectral characteristics of LED reduces the optimum transmittance of blue light.
● Achieving highest spectral balance makes RGB colors reach the closest. Thus, the color displayed is of high definition and not distorted.
Anti-blue Light--- Eye Care& Blocking 30% of Blue Light
Test result of SGS report : For wave lengths between 400~500nm, the average transmiitance value of KING TECH screen protective film is 66.26% →33.74% of anti-blue light rate
LED spectrum--- the feature of effective anti-blue screen protector, high definition
The standard white LED is illuminated by a blue chip plus yellow fluorescent powder (phosphor), so the basic blue emission wave must exist in a large amount. Therefore, the key point of eye protection is to reduce blue light.

When the anti-blue film suppresses blue light, the energy of blue light as well as green light, red light will be equivalent. When the intensity of the three primary colors is close, the color display will be close to the real state, ultra clear and of high definition (HD).

The average transmittance rate is above 85%, while the transmittance rate of green and red light is above 90%. Thus, the color resolution is high.

At the same time, there is also a blue light filter effect like photographing make the color saturation high.

■ Anti fingerprint coating (Anti smudge coating) (AF/AS)
Highly waterproof, anti-fingerprint, anti-smudge, anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-static, easy to clean and other functions

Test Condition: Steel Wool Test / 500g > 6000 cycle
Test result: Contact angle > 110°

New Generation Coating Effect
■ Anti-Glare/Low-Reflection Coating

Have you ever been bothered by using the mobile phone under the scorching sun and can’t see the screen clearly?
By applying the anti glare screen protector to your phone, the light will scatter and become softer. As a result, the screen display won’t be glaring providing a more comfortable viewing experience.

■ Hydrophobic & Oleophobic (Anti-Smudge) Coating

Hydrophobic(water resistant) and oleophobic(oil resistant, anti-fingerprint) coatings allow for easy cleaning and maintenace of the screen.
With hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings on the screen protector, it will become less troublesome when you encounter the following situations,
---coffee spilled onto the phone screen;
---watch recipes with your mobile phone while cooking,etc.

■ High Definition

The high resolution anti-blue light protective film can preserve the high resolution of the original screen of your mobile phone or tablet, bringing immersive viewing experience.

KING TECH's high-quality and effective coating products, kingtech blue owl glass screen protectors

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