135℃ Water Vapor Cryopump

- adopt single-unit compressor, auto-cascade refrigeration system, and environmentally friendly mixed refrigerant
- select compressors and refrigeration parts of globally famous brands
- replace liquid nitrogen, saving costs
- characterized by fast cooling speed, high efficiency, low temperature and convenient maintenance

Application of Water Vapor Cryopump:

There are certain residual gases in the high vacuum environment using the oil diffusion pump. Above 80% are vapor, oil vapor and other high boiling steam, but its ability to remove residual gases is low and takes much time.

All the residual gases are contamination sources for workpieces, which affect the yield and quality of products. Water Vapor Cryopump is the best solution to the problem.

How Water Vapor Cryopump works:

A refrigeration coil capable of below -120 ° C is placed in the vacuum chamber or the port of an oil diffusion pump, and the residual gases of the vacuum system are captured rapidly by the low temperature condensation effect on the surface thereof.

This greatly shortens the vacuuming time (60-90% of the pumping time can be shortened) and get a clean vacuum environment (the vacuum can be increased to 10-8 Torr, 10-5 Pa).

Main features:

1. rapid adsorption of water and oil vapor can shorten the exhaust time by 60-90%
2. can improve the coating quality, anti return oil, not falling off and with pure color
3. rapid cooling, to -120 ° C within 3 minutes, can reach -150 ° C
4. 2 minutes hot air defrosting, quick temperature recovery, can be cooled again by 5 minutes
5. perfect automatic control (touch screen + SIEMENS PLC)
6. can design two load output within one device
7. Dual-way load can be designed. With inlet and outlet temperature display, the machine temperature display
8. freely set defrost temperature
9. with water temperature and exhaust temperature display
10. with alarm function of low water and high water temperature
11. with protection function of exceeded exhaust and pressure of the compressor
12. can realize remote control and be fully compatible with the existing vacuum coating system
13. the computer can read temperature data and control via RS485 interface

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