Osaka Vacuum's Turbo Molecular Pumps
Main benefits of the Turbo Molecular Pumps

1. Provides an oil-free ultra-high vacuum.
2. It features roughly the same exhaust rate for all gases in order to mechanically exhaust (dynamically exhaust) gas molecules.
3. It can also exhaust noble and corrosive gases.
4. It can continually exhaust large flow volumes of gas.
5. Wide working pressure range (to 10-10Pa).

Any Orientation Composite TG-F Series

Uses grease lubricated ball bearings for a pump that is small, lightweight, and low cost. The shock resistant design enables the turbo molecular pump to be mounted on moving equipment or moving parts and expands new applications for turbomolecular pumps The product lineup offers models from 50 L/s to 2400 L/s. 

Magnetically Suspended Composite TG-M series

The use of magnetically suspended bearings allows for a completely oil-free exhaust, any orientation installation, and longer cycles between maintenance. The product lineup offers models from 300 L/s to 3400 L/s.

Magnetically Suspended TGkine Series with Integrated Control Unit (controller and power supply integrated type)

No interconnect cable/cable duct nor rack-mount needed. Causes less strain to system design. Inherited the characteristics of the TG-M series, the optimized compound rotor design provides unparalleled exhaust performances. 

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