Glass Tempering Furnace
KING TECH-professional glass tempering furnace manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan and China
Glass chemical tempering furnaces progress daily with the demand of ultra-thin mobile phone technologies. In addition to the pursuit of larger and faster capacity, automation, furnace insulation , heat balance and safety protection functions are indispensable.
KING TECH can optimize the design according to the site area and capacity requirements of customers.
The new generation (6+4), tempering for 8 hours can achieve daily capacity of 70,000 pieces.
  • flexible furnace combination, 6+4 or 3+2, according to the site area and tempering quantities
  • self-made furnace insulation material, better insulation effects
  • warming up quickly, stable temperature control, reducing energy consumption by 30% under same heating power
  • all-round safety warning and protection
  • can use with AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)
Example of (3+2) desgin
Example of (8+3+3) desgin
Design of new generation-strong insulation effect&furnace temperature control within±1℃

The structure of the new generation of tempering furnace liner is more reasonable, and the temperature inside the furnace is controlled within ±1 °C.

The insulation materials are specially designed and manufactured by our company, which are more effective than those on the market.

At the same heating rate, the preheating furnace heats up more quickly and stably, reducing energy consumption by 30%.

Space heat balance of preheating furnace

Through the accurately-calculated air duct size, the heat pipe layout and heat-resistant circulating fan can make the temperature distribution in the preheating furnace uniform, and the glass temperature is controlled within ±3 °C.

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