PVD Vacuum Coating Equipment

KING TECH integrate design and develop PVD/ PECVD plasma vacuum coating equipments used on mobile phone metal housings and glass or decorative coatings, perfectly providing customers with desired color, luster and hardness, adding colorfulness and brightness to cell phones.

PVD coating technology(Wiki )

one kind of eco-friendly surface treatment method which can be used to produce micro film and without pollution. It can be applied to make a wide variety of films, metal films(Ag, Cu, Al etc.), nitride films(TiN、ZrN、CrN、TiAlN), carbide films(TiC、TiCN) and oxide films(TiO etc.)."

Optimum coating can improve tool cutting, the lifetime, prodction quality and stability of cutting/forming tools, molds, mechanical components and other products.

KING TECH can provide OEM/ODM vacuum chamber according to customers’requirements.

Choose suitable sputtering targets>>

  • Functional coating

  • Decorative coating

What we can do?
Our Strength-Product Design Features
1. Design and manufacture the most suitable equipment based on customer needs and is with maximum capacity
2. Large chamber, 1900*1300mm (can be customized to above 2300mm)
3. Reach the vacuum state more quickly under the same level of equipment
4. Equiped with removable lower rotating stand for easy operation and fast furnace switching
5. Fully automatic control system
  • removable lower rotating stand