ZY-1913 Decorative Vacuum Coating Machine

integrates cathode arc ion coating technology, mid-frequency(MF) magnetron sputtering technology, pulsed bias technology and other advanced technologies.

The use of MF sputtering power supply and MF magnetron cylindrical targets has greatly increased the sputtering rate of the target and the deposition rate of the thin film, improving the uniformity and adhesion of the coatings.

At the same time, the newly developed automatic control system of industrial PC and professional automation software ensure the simple and efficient operation, stable and reliable performance. The mutual cooperation of software and hardware and the design of interlock, intelligent monitoring, online state memory, breakpoint protection as well as various hard protection devices make the use of the device is safe and reliable.

1. widely used on coating of TiN, TiC, TiCN, CrN, TiAlN , etc. on the watch frame, watch strap, golf equipment, hardware, tableware and other decorative coating.
2. can make smooth coatings in numerous colors such as IP black, rose gold, IP gold, sapphire blue, champagne gold, silver, brown, gun black, zirconium gold, rose red, etc.
3. environmentally friendly and pollution-free.
4. with a large-scale vacuum furnace (φ1900 × H1300), ensuring large loading capacity, high production efficiency and cost saving
5. The coating film is dense, shiny, and with excellent uniformity and repeatability.


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