ZY-1212 Mid-Frequency Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coating Machine for Clocks and Watches

is mainly used for depositing metal film, semiconductor film, insulating film, hard film, heat resistant film, corrosion-resistant film, superconducting film, magnetic film, optical film and other special film on the substrate.

It integrates the advantages of ion plating and magnetron sputtering, and the coating layer is very smooth with uniform color, good brightness and strong adhesion. Thus, ZY-1212 is very suitable for depositing high quality decorative film on watch straps, dials, and other products.

1. Multi-purpose decorative coating, integrating numerous technologies, vacuum, mid-frequency magnetron sputtering and film technology.
2.Good controllability of film thickness and repeatability. The coating layer can easily achieve designed thickness and deposit uniform film on the large surface.
3. Strong adhesion between substrate and the film.
4. Can deposit films of special materials. Mixed film and composite film can be formed by sputtering simultaneously using different materials.
5.The electric control system can be controlled manually, semi-automatically or fully-automatic. and the machine can run various process with high reliability.


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