ZY-1211 Multi-Arc Ion Coating Machine for Moulds

ZY-1211 is developed by our own R&D center for super hard coatings. It adopts unique new filter arc source coating technology and electron gun auxiliary coating technology to make the arc move fast on the entire target surface.

The ionization rate of target is enhanced and target surface is uniformly etched. The coating surface is extremely smooth and dense while the coating adhesion is optimized. Also the advanced technology ensures the thickness and the uniformity of the coating. At the same time, the application of new technologies successfully improves the coating efficiency and saves operating costs.

1. Designed for super hard coating.
2. The designs and materials of both the vacuum seal of the vacuum chamber and the moving parts in the chamber are fully considered to withstand high temperatures, so the super-hard coating is available.
3.The coating layer has better adhesion strength of coating-substrate, smoother surface, better toughness, as well as more uniform thickness distribution.
4. Adopt automatic control system, greatly improving process stability.
5. Large chamber design (φ1200 x H1100) and equipped with a removable lower rotating stand to achieve fast furnace switching and ultra-high production efficiency.



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