ZY-1185 Multi-arc Ion Vacuum Coating Machine for Cutting tools/Super Hard Film

ZY-1185 is designed for hard or super-hard wear-resistant coating on various tools, cutting tools, anti-wear parts, etc. It is characterized by high production capacity, high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy operation and good coating quality.

1. Designed for hard or super-hard coating on tools, cutting tools, anti-wear parts, etc.
2. Metal film, multi-alloy film can be coated on the surface of various metals, alloys, conductive materials, and non-conductive materials; can coat metal film, multi-alloy film, and nitrogen compound film on the surface of compound non-conductive material.
3. PLC control system, touch type man-machine interface, can be manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic operation. PLC is with detailed work record, fault alarm and security protection function.
4. Equipped with high-power pulse-biased power supply, greatly improving the ion energy, ensuring high ionization rate, large ion energy and fast deposition.
5. Uniform coating thickness, faster batch turnover efficiency, higher coating production efficiency


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