ZY-0805 Hollow Cathode Multi-Arc Coating Machine

ZY-0805 integrates hollow cathode and multi-arc ion coating technology, and are equipped with the latest ceramic cathode electron gun and self-developed small arc sources. It realizes remote control via computer and PLC.

The model combines hollow cathode and multi-arc ion plating, so users can switch on the electron gun during the arc source coating process to refine the large particles produced by the multi arc ion plating.

It is widely used for the surface strengthening of moulds, mechanical parts and other products to extend their service life, especially suitable for teaching and scientific research in colleges, laboratories and research institutes.

1.Small equipment for researches in laboratories
2. Hollow cathode ion plating has large plasma concentration and high ionization rate, so the deposited film is characterized by strong adhesion, fine microstructure and bright color.
3. Compact structure, diverse performance, simple operation, low power consumption.
4. With flexible operation, can be controlled manually, semi-automatically or fully-automatically to meet the various experimental requirements.


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